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Extreme Gloss

Providing extreme hardness and resilience for the most demading conditions. Drexler Ceramic Coating is our most effective coating for protecting against friction, heat, and solvents. Incorporating the industry’s most durable ceramic technology, it offers years of protection against salt water, with no yellowing, cracking, peeling, or delaminating.

Wheels Protection

Drexler Ceramic Wheel Protection will help protect your wheels from damaging brake dust that would otherwise bake onto the surface and cause damage.
The Hydrophobic properties of the coating mean your wheels will stay cleaner for longer and be easier to clean as the surface will release light dirt and grime as the water beads up and rolls away.

Protect your assets

Drexler Ceramic is daily applied to some of the most exclusive cars in the world.


Maximum Protection
Drexler Ceramic main product is the paint Ceramic Coating. 

After years of intensive tests and research to bring our products to this quality level and durability, we came up with one conclusion: The best paint protection is created by adding two coats:
– a BASE Coat, an extremely clear and super hard substance. (9H hardness)
– a TOP Coat, super hydrophobic spray that litterally feeds the Base Coat.
It is due to Drexler ceramic special formula in line with the highest manufacturing standards available, that we were able to attract the best detailers in the industry around the world.